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The museum are now happy to present our brand-new permanent exhibition - Fire and blood.

The Medical History Museum

At the Medical History Museum you can see how the approach to sickness and health has changed through the ages. Revolutionary discoveries have led to both progress and reaction. Science has met with opposition from culture and tradition. Ideas and ideals have sometimes inspired, but also sometimes obstructed, medical progress. 

On display are now even more objects from the museums rich collections from Sahlgrenska hospital, Lillhagens hospital and many other facilities in Gothenburg and surroundings.

Fire and blood - our new permanent exhibition

The museum's permanent exhibition depicts Gothenburg's history of medicine over 400 years. From the first hospitals and Sahlgren's will, through revolutionary medical successes to the expansive construction projects of the post-war period. Personal stories, life destinies and unique objects provide insight into changing views over time, treatment methods and living conditions.

The exhibition follows some of the healthcare professions and places throughout history. It shows the efforts that Gothenburg as a city and Sweden as a country make to develop and improve the health of the population. The exhibition describes not only Gothenburg's history of medicine but also the development of international medicine and Swedish society.

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Temporary exhibition
The Covid-19 pandemic

An exhibition for reflection and thoughts around the Covid-19 pandemic.
From 28th May onwards

A part of Sahlgrenska University Hospital

The Medical History Museum belongs to Sahlgrenska University Hospital and is in the Oterdahl House, which Sahlgrenska Hospital received in 1808 as a gift for all time from the wealthy wholesale merchant Aron Oterdahl. The building was used as a hospital from 1823–54.

Events at the museum

In addition to the museum’s basic display we arrange temporary exhibitions, guided tours, museum lectures and holiday activities for children and young people. 


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