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The Museum of Medical History in Gothenburg is temporarily closed due to foundation reinforcement of the building and extensive renovation of the premises. The reopening of the museum is scheduled for early spring 2023.

The museum building, the Oterdahl House, has been gradually sinking for many years, and it is time to stabilise it. In connection with the works the quality of the museum premises will be improved.

During this period of time the exhibition will be closed, but we shall try to reach the public and be accessible in another way. The spring of 2019 will be devoted to redirection of our business activities, but from the autumn of 2019 we are planning to attract attention of the public again in different ways, for example, by collaboration and via various events in the city, says Lisa Sputnes Mouwitz, director of the Medical History Museum.

The Medical History Museum’s activities and development of new temporary activities can be followed through our digital channels, where the former will be regularly updated.

The period of time when the museum will be ‘living out of a suitcase’ gives us the opportunity to test various methods and work procedures and prepare a proper foundation for future activities. We will also review our collection and improve our knowledge of all the exciting stories surrounding the museum and a wide variety of exhibits housed by it, continues Lisa Sputnes Mouwitz, and gives some tips about the coming autumn events.

‘Take the opportunity to visit the Medical History Museum during the autumn. A lecture series ‘Thursday Afternoon Tea’ and Ghost Walks during the autumn school break are a few of the events to look forward to. In December we will also have free admission with crossword competition each Thursday. After that we shall soon meet again somewhere outside the museum!’

The Medical History Museum is part of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

The Medical History Museum

At the Medical History Museum you can see how the approach to sickness and health has changed through the ages. Revolutionary discoveries have led to both progress and reaction. Science has met with opposition from culture and tradition. Ideas and ideals have sometimes inspired, but also sometimes obstructed, medical progress. 

The exhibition is built up around a number of themes and presents the general course of medical history from ancient times to our own day. Most of the exhibits have Gothen-burg connections, as have the full-scale reconstructions of hospital settings from different epochs.

A part of Sahlgrenska University Hospital

The Medical History Museum belongs to Sahlgrenska University Hospital and is in the Oterdahl House, which Sahlgrenska Hospital received in 1808 as a gift for all time from the wealthy wholesale merchant Aron Oterdahl. The building was used as a hospital from 1823–54.

Events at the museum

In addition to the museum’s basic display we arrange temporary exhibitions, guided tours, museum lectures and holiday activities for children and young people. 


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